Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World - The 2nd Hour

AGAIN... another false alarm.  So I'm back at the main house again using the internet as if an ELE (Extinction Level Event) is not knocking on our door.  What is going on here???  All of the signs were there. We've had some major signs.  We've had some devastating floods.  Still no end of the world.  We've had some major earthquakes.  Still no end of the world.  We've had Obama re-elected... and despite secular  opinion... Still no end of the world.  All of the signs are in place!  What's up?!?

I'm still not willing to give up on this.  I really just came back to the house to grab my XBox and the family TV.  Yet again, another slight oversight in my safe house.  (The wife and kids are going to be completely surprised when they wake up in the morning.  If there's a world to wake up to.)  I must stay the course.  I will have to move forward if I'm to make sure the human race is to survive such a crossroads in the history of known life.

It is currently quiet but I feel this is the calm before the storm.  I'm not only grabbing the TV and the XBox, I'm also taking some Ramen.  When I left for college just *ahem* 2 short years ago, my parent gave me a microwave (crap, I need to grab the family microwave) and some Ramen.  That stuff NEVER goes bad!  My parents knew that.  And since I can't stockpile Twinkies (darn you Hostess!!!) I guess I will have to settle for Ramen for my long-term meal solutions.  (My second choice was Raisin Bran.  But after the last few days of eating Raisin Bran... I don't think my new living situation is prepared for such a action-reaction type of food.)

Either way, I have to get this stuff and run.  The wife and kids (or as I shall refer to them as the NONBELIEVERS) might wake up with all of the noise I'm making.  I'm trying to be quiet but wires, cables and plastic wraps on food are not cooperating.  Hopefully (or not???) this will be my last post as all of my hard work will come to fruition.  See ya on the other side, Mayas!