Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World - The 10th - 13th Hour

I gave up on the whole kicking the kids out of Eden 2 thing.  For 1, what kind of new world would there be without kids? Also, my wife chose to go to work as if nothing is going to happen.  (She's tempting fate and she's on her own with that.)  And lastly (the most important reason), I kept kicking them out, they kept finding their way back in!  It was crazy beyond words.  Finally, I decided it was just easier to let them stay than to fix all of the issues.

Plus, it was too perfect in here.  I needed something in here to defy me.  I needed something here to tell me NO.  I needed conflict.  I needed my wonderful, beautiful little girls with me. And so I have them. I might intensify the conflict in a little bit because my 7yo is already bored and wants to play XBox. This never works well. She hates losing. I mean REALLY hates losing. And I never let her win. I'm too competitive. So is she. She even gets mad at me when we play a game on the SAME TEAM and I score more points... for BOTH of us.  So it's just a BAD idea all around. Almost as bad as me packing Raisin Bran in my enclosed safe house. But I'm going to throw caution to the wind with this Xbox thing as well as the Raisin Bran (different wind with the Raisin Bran though).

We'll see how this goes.