Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fool Me Once....

With football season starting in the US, I have noticed a little verbal football being played in the homes.  And it's not the normal football we are used to seeing on the TV.  This football is more like a Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt football game going on in relationships.  How many of you out there can relate (on either side) to this scenario?

The following may or may not be an actual conversation that happens more than once a month in my house.  Change the characters to fit your particular home:

Lucy Van Pelt
Character by Charles Schulz
Wife (or otherwise significant other): I'm hungry. What are we eating tonight? (Lucy)

Husband (or otherwise significant other on the other side of the other): I don't know.  What do you want to eat? (Charlie Brown).

Wife: I'm hungry but I don't know what I'm hungry for.  You decide. (Lucy getting the football and asking Charlie Brown to kick it.)

Husband: I really don't care either.  Just let me know what you want and I'll go get it. (Charlie Brown realizing what is going on and deciding to not become a victim of this "football kicking" scheme yet once again.)

20 minutes goes by...

Wife: I'm hungry.  Have you decided where you are going to get something? I really don't care where we eat. (Oh, Brother... Lucy telling Charlie Brown that she knows she has swiped the football away EVERY OTHER time Charlie Brown has tried to kick it but assures him that this time it's going to be different.)

Husband: I don't care where we eat either.  You pick. (You must think I'm stupid... Charlie Brown seeing this a mile away.  He knows that as soon as he tries to go kick the football it is going to be pulled away like always.  So he is standing his ground.)

10 more minutes go by...

Charlie Brown
Character by Charles Schulz
Wife: The kids are getting hungry.  You really need to decide on a place to eat.  I'm so hungry right now I will eat from anywhere. (Oh, come on Charlie Brown... Lucy being nice and promising to not pull the football away while submitting the signed document stating as such.)

Husband: Fine!  I will pick a place.  We are going to eat at [insert closest restaurant to the house]. (Charlie Brown, knowing in his heart how this is going to end because it happens this way every single time but deciding to give it a chance because there is a "signed document".)

Husband goes and gets wallet.  Husband goes and gets keys.  Husband gets ready to walk out the door. (Charlie Brown takes a running start and decides if he runs fast enough he can beat Lucy hand from pulling the ball out of the way.)

Just before the husband gets to the door:

Wife: You know what?  Let's eat at [insert restaurant MUCH farther out of the way].  I don't think I want anything from [the restaurant the husband picked]. (Lucy, ONCE AGAIN, snatching the ball right out from the swinging foot of Charlie Brown... Good Grief!)

If you are reading this and it applies to your home,
would you mind letting me know if you are the Lucy or the Charlie of the situation.