Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wild Hair Wednesday

Do not look at this post if you don't want to see one of the most beautiful little girls in the world.

I totally warned you!
You didn't listen!
Now you have to be blessed with this image the rest of your life.

Just a pic from Wild Hair Wednesday.  Her mom did her hair so it doesn't have the flavor that Wild Hair Wednesday would have been had dad done her hair.  We will have to remember that next time.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Whether it's food, kids toys or general packaging...

If it says 'EASY TO OPEN'...

go ahead and bring the scissors or box cutter.

You can only fool yourself so many times before you really just need to stop trying to prove yourself and just admit defeat.  In this case, you can actually save yourself a LOT of time and (in MOST cases) pain just by telling yourself that 'EASY TO OPEN' message on the side of the item was simply a text message meant for someone else.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lyndi and the Leprechaun

I have been dealing with something all week.  (And if the Mayas had been right this wouldn't be an issue.) I thought this concern was unique to me or this area, even.  But after reading another post I can see that this has spread WAY farther than I had ever imagined.  When did it become a thing to try to catch a leprechaun?!?!?  Sure, back in the day everyone wanted to catch a leprechaun to get his pot of gold.  But that was limited to days with a rainbows.  But NOW we have leprechaun 2.0.  He has upgraded in the last generation.

From what I can gather this new leprechaun is somewhat a mix between Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  With his "Santa" skills, the leprechaun is able to sneak into your room and possibly leave a present.  I'm not really sure about that because my 7yo has been pretty vague as to what the "leprechaun actually does.

With his Tooth Fairy skills, the leprechaun takes stuff.  What does he take??? Again, I'm not sure.  (See the above paragraph for the vagueness of information I'm getting from my child.)  If I had to guess it would be money because every trap we set must have money in it for it to work.  This is a very odd turn of events.  If he has his own pot of gold, what does this little thiefprechaun need with my dollars?!?

Now, he is like the Easter Bunny because sometimes he... hides things... around the house.  What does he leave?  You know the answer to that.  WHO KNOWS???  It could be money (even though he's possibly taking money.  It could be presents, teeth, colored eggs, lottery tickets, store coupons or even new golf clubs (Oooo)!  I honestly have no idea.  It sounds like a complete surprise!  (This question mark actually has me intrigued.  I can imagine the possibilities.)

Another thing to this story... And probably the MOST important question of all of this...

What does she plan to do if/when she CATCHES the leprechaun?!?  Does she plan on taking his money?  Does she plan on forcing him to tell her how to get to his pot of gold?  Does she plan on bringing him out to the living room and playing 2-player Lego Batman all night? Does she plan on swapping green drink recipes?  Does she plan on keeping him as a pet (since mean old dad won't let her have one)?  The only thing she tells me she's going to to is to trick him.  My head hurts thinking of how THIS one could play out.  (As long as she doesn't wake me up in this process I'm fine.  I say that because one of her plans was to SCREAM really loud and as long as she can if she catches him.  I don't like that plan.  It was vetoed.)

Oh, well...  I guess I'm going to have to decide the course of the leprechaun by tonight.  We have been setting up traps for the past few days that have come up empty.  We were able to push this off until today, St. Patrick's Day.  But we can't push this out anymore.  The trap can NOT come up empty again.  This day is the day!  Something is going to happen.  And it's all going down TONIGHT!!!

OR I could just show her that movie from the early 90s about the leprechaun.  She will either be scared and not want to catch him at all OR she will see how horrible the movie was and want nothing to do with anything related to the movie.  Either way... no more leprechaun trap to deal with.