Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Year Better

Today is my wife's birthday.  And I know that she hates that fact that she is one year older.  I, on the other hand, love it.  It means much more to me than the number that's attached to it.  My wife's birthday and our anniversary remind me of several things that don't have anything to do with her age.

My wife's birthday reminds me that I just spent another year with the most wonderful woman I could ever find.  Many people in life don't have that kind of blessing.  So I don't take that gift for granted.  And no matter what happens now, I have all of the great memories of the previous year that will last a lifetime.

My wife's birthday reminds me that each year we celebrate it, it becomes more special than the last.  I was talking to her the other night about how certain things in life lose their value the more you have.  No matter how much you love banana pudding (and I love banana pudding), you can only eat so much of it before it starts to lose it's magic.  Well... each year with my wife brings upon itself a new magic that doesn't diminish with age.

My wife's birthday also reminds me that love truly can grow with the passing of time.  The longer we are together, I have a better understand of who she is and what she stands for.  And knowing all of that make me love her even more.  I love her more now than I did a year ago because I know her better.

My wife's birthday reminds me that I'm getting a life-long lesson of what love really means.  Before her, I had a different definition of love and how it applies to me.  And each year I find that my definition changes.  It changes in my heart and in my mind.  And it's this constant changing that makes everything fresh and new but with better understanding and clarity.

So my wife's birthday means much more than her age.  And if I could, I would give her the world and everything in it on this special day.  As broke as we are, I couldn't even give her a globe or even a map of Wyoming for that matter.  But also knowing her like I do, I know she wouldn't want the world.   So I will give her something of more value.

Sweetie... For your birthday this year, I will give you a few promises that I will defend in the face of any and all opposition.  I promise that I will always be there for you.  That holds true even when I know I'm going to have to stand between you and our 4-year old little girl having a fit.  I promise that I will always give you everything I can even down to my last breath.  That is including but not limited to colds and flus.  (Some things can't be helped.) And above all, I promise to love you so much more than banana pudding (and my mother's Spaghetti) until my dying day.  And if those don't make the short list of the best birthday presents ever than I guess I just don't know what a birthday means.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Que!  I love you!