Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World - The 14th - 15th Hour

This watching for the end of the world is exhausting.  The sitting around... doing nothing... just waiting.  I want to take a nap but the closer we get to the end of the day the more likely there is something will happen. And just like the first part of The Avengers I might miss it. (Nature called.  I answered.  End of story. But I do have to get the DVD just so I can see what happened during the first 30 minutes of the movie.)

I have surfaced a few times to see what the rest of my friends are doing on their last day.  Almost ALL of them are doing what they would have been doing if the end of the world notion had never came to be.  I feel so bad for them.  They have no idea what is about to come.  They should have listened.  But when the action starts happening I will be the one laughing.  Well, me and the little ones.  Also, my oldest.  She has joined the ranks of the BELIEVERS.  Honestly, I think she didn't have any other plans today so she's gracing us with her presence.  Either way, it's fine.  It's good to have more company here.

I also recruited my dog.  They always say that animals can sense supernatural as well as nature sensitive things like tornadoes, earthquakes and mass extinction.  So I took him in to give me a better warning so I'm not just sitting around in constant anticipation.  Since bringing him down here, though, all he has done is sniff everything and pee on half of the things he's sniffed.  He just lays around licking, scratching or moves around marking territory.  I told him he will not have to compete with other dogs but he just kept in peeing like he doesn't understand a word I'm saying.  So basically... he's acting the same as if nothing is going to happen.  I might need to get another dog.  Mine seems to be broken.  I guess it won't matter in a few hours.

Oh, well.  The nap idea sounds pretty good right now.  If we can just hold the END off a few hours I won't have to be upset that life doesn't have a DVR rewind button.