Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OK... I'll Do It.... But, You First.

It's funny how most men will attempt some of the most dangerous things in life for some of the DUMBEST reasons.  I can only imagine how many appendages have been lost within 10 seconds of hearing "Hey, watch this!"  I can only wonder about how many broken bones or spleens (yes, I said broken spleens) have been involuntarily waged in a friendly game of dare (double that number for a double dare (and quadruple that number for a TRIPLE DOG DARE (Trust me.  The math works.))).  We (men) have a problem of looking past our 15 seconds of fame, glory and stupidity to see the numerous possibilities of supreme failure at our current task.  And if there's even a hint that our painful venture would land the newest viral video on YouTube... BONUS!  For some reason we are willing to throw such caution to the wind without a second thought.  That brings me to my question... With all of the bravery (and stupidity masked as bravery) we exhibit, why do we have a problem with going to the doctor?

For the sake of this argument we will leave the cost of healthcare out of the equation.  That is a completely different post and also good money says that even if there was a FREE option, we still wouldn't go.  The logical approach says that all you would need to do is DARE a man to go to the doctor and we would do it.  But logic fails in that scenario because there is no YouTube moment for success or failure.

I think there is a fear among us about going to the doctor.  I believe the fear to be real but I believe it to be misplaced or misdiagnosed, if you will.  I don't think it is the fear of the professional that is trying to heal us.  I believe it is the fear of what they might find.  Basically I will sum it up as this... Most men would rather die of something they didn't know they had than to live with something they knew.

I'm a guy and I don't understand it myself.  When I hear my car make a weird noise the first thing I want to check it out (or have someone more qualified to do it - like a geography teacher or something).  But if my body made the EXACT same noise (as unnatural as that is) I would think I could just sleep it off.  I would put the noise on the MAN-SCALE.  Headache - 30 minute nap. Backache - rest for a few hours. Diphtheria - this one might take a few days.

So MEN... You need to face that irrational fear of doctors.  We need to show BRAVERY in face of unknown.  You need to get checked.  This holds more weight if you have a spouse and children.  If the doctor says take a "deep breath and hold it" then by all means hold it like you are trying to get into the Guinness Book.  If the doctor tells you to bend over and cough... then make THAT your YouTube moment!  And when you come back with a clean bill of health... there is your 15 minutes of fame and glory (minus the stupidity). And look... I didn't even have to triple dog dare you!