Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Date Night - The Forgotten Episode

A few nights ago, my lovely wife and I had something called a "Date Night."  I'm not sure if any of you have heard of that but it does exist.  I know if you have more than one child below the age of 14 then there is a greater chance you will not believe anything I'm writing in this post.

Date Night is this "thing" where you and your spouse get to go out and pretend you don't have kids for an hour or 2.  I know I just lost some of you there so I will say it another way.  NO KIDS + NIGHT OUT = FUN YOU HAVEN'T HAD IN A LONG TIME.

We didn't even do anything spectacular.  We just went to dinner and a movie.  I think we only did that because we had forgotten who we were without the kids.  And since we left our 3 little pieces of identification at home with the grandparents, we defaulted to the status quo.  However, the experience was like I was getting to know my wife again (and, yep... she's still wonderful).  When we went to dinner, I ate a little more than usual because I wasn't worried about how much it costs to feed 5 people these days.  My belt was screaming for mercy before I was half done with the food.  Of course I told it to shut-up (a word I can say because the kids aren't around (not sure when that became a bad word, though)) and I loosened it to the next loop.  I really didn't want to be listening to THAT all night.

We also went to see a movie.  We watched "Couples Retreat." It was refreshing (and VERY funny).  I had almost forgotten what it was like to watch a movie that WASN'T rated PG.  We both loved it.  I will say this though... It will also make you look at the things going on in your own life and re-evaluate your priorities.  This is a good thing.  I helped me realize that there are certain things in life that you can't wait until you FIND time for... You have to MAKE time for them (or they will never happen).

And that was pretty much the Date Night.  Now, the funny thing about Date Night is that the closer you get to your home, the more you start to think about the crap that goes on in everyday life to make you really want another Date Night.  But after trying to pass the house for the 5th time, my wife made me pull into the driveway.  I guess she wasn't too keen on my idea about going away until the kids are ready for college.  She thought the idea sounded good in theory but had too many problems in the application.  I took that as a personal challenge.  So I will be revising my plan and submitting it in the next date night (penciled in for 08/19/2010).