Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 Minutes Left

This is a really short post. It's designed to get you in and out and back to your day. :-)

Last night I was reading the nightly bedtime stories to the 2 little ones.  (For some reason the oldest thinks she is too old for that since she's in Middle School... whatever!)  As I'm get to one of the pages I was promptly told by my middle child that "we are almost done.  We only have 4 minutes left."


"Why do we only have 4 minutes left?", I asked.

She didn't answer but she got up and went to her favorite clock (a little silly Puss in Boots clock she got from McDonalds where you open the mouth and the clock is inside).  She picked up the clock and said, "4 minutes left."  I looked at the clock and it didn't have anything to do with "4 minutes".

At this point I think she is just stalling and doesn't want to go to bed.  So I *ahem* encourage her to sit down so we can finish the book and she can go to bed.  (Really, it was so we can finish the book and we BOTH can go to bed!)  I pick up the book and she pointed and said, "See, 4 minutes left!"

The answer was right below the line in the book that says, "We love him, because he first loved us."
It said, "1 John 4:19"

She was correct once again!  We only had 4 minutes and 19 seconds left of the book.  John told us so.  I once was blind, now I see.

Another quick set of statements that have ZERO to do with the above post.

In the United States, there are only a few ways to show your kids you have a cut on the knuckle of your middle finger without saying something very inappropriate.  And if you aren't thinking before you do it...  I promise (from experience) you kids will recover just fine.

(If you are unsure what the problem is, just try it in the mirror and you will see what I mean.)