Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary

This time of the year that brings joy to the hearts of almost everyone.  There's something about the holiday season that makes people forget about the unimportant things in life and focus on what matters.  But I have a small confession.  In addition to the other things that make this time of the year grand... I take a little slice of selfishness and overindulge in a present that doesn't mean much to others but means the world to me.

Every year, on December 25th, I get to celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next year with my beautiful wife.  This is the only present I need and the only one I truly look forward to.  I get to open my eyes and see the most beautiful woman in the world next to me.

December 25th gives me the opportunity to let go of all of the problems in the past because I realize that I had to go through all of those things to get to this exact moment in time.  And I love this moment.  It allows me to forgive those that have wronged me and thank them for their contribution to leading me on my path to my wonderful wife.

This day reminds me that love is limitless.  Just when I think I can love my wife no more, she does something that proves me wrong again.  And I am all to happy to be proven wrong in this case.  It also reminds me that love doesn't solve all of worlds problems but it gives me the strength to do so.

Every year with my wife makes me want 100 more.  And since that is not possible, I will have to fill every moment possible showing her how much I love her.  I will have to spend every moment possible showing her she means everything thing to me.  I will have to spend every possible moment letting her know that I am the best ME because of her.

So, while everyone else is enjoying the holiday season, I'm enjoying the life I always wanted.  And it doesn't matter what I have (or don't have).  It only matters who I'm with.  Loving my wife doesn't mean we will never meet problems, it just means that there is enough love there to overcome anything.

To my wife:
I love you more now than I did when we got married.  And that's saying a lot.  So when everything else fails or you are not feeling your best, just remember that I will be there to make sure you know you are loved.  I will be there to strengthen you.  I will be there to make sure you know you will NEVER be alone in this journey.  GOD has appointed me and I will not let you or HIM down.  And in my eyes, life began and ends with you.

Love's too weak to define just what you mean to me.  I wasn't the first to say that but I mean that more than you will ever know.