Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chance Encounter

There she was... just standing there. I don't know if this was a chance encounter or if fate and destiny collaborated in the designing and planning of such a meeting.  Our eyes locked in a playful gaze.  But, when my eyes were presented with such beauty I did what I always do... I shyly turned away. The look couldn't have been more than a second but her angelic impression will exist on my mind and in my heart until 7 days past eternity.

She was stunning beyond words... intoxicating... addictive... So addictive, in fact, that one glance was too many and 10,000 glances will never be enough.  But, I was powerless... I had to look again.  It was against my better judgement but I was well past being in control at this point.

We had to meet. There was no other option.  I couldn't walk away even if I had wanted to.  And since there was no way to retreat I walked over to her.  With every step closer to her I could feel my grasp of the English language disappearing as if it was pages being torn from a dictionary and being burned in a cozy, warm fire.

I didn't feel lost or frightened.  I just found myself wordless.  With words failing, I thought it best to revert to a more primitive form of communication... I reached for her.  With every ounce of my being I stretched out my arms and wrapped her in my warm and loving embrace.

And it was at that moment I realized... that GIANT Reese's Peanut Butter Easter Egg was going to be mine, ALL MINE! And it was a blissful 15 seconds.  It would have been a relationship to last all throughout the ages... or at least the drive home.  It was meant to be, until.....

Word to the Wise: Do NOT even GLANCE at the calories and sugar content.  Either eat the amazing, wonder gift from the heavens OR just simply walk away.  Don't make the same mistake I did and read the box.  I walked away from one of the most perfect things ever. But tomorrow is another day and I will make NO promises.

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